Advanced Aquacultural Technologies



A better filter for a better future.

A new spin on filtration, the Modular Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) is flexible enough to adapt to the size of an instillation, yet at the same time, more energy efficient—all this while providing more contact time between the bacteria and water, producing cleaner more oxygenated water. 

The next natural step forward from the trickling filter for both wastewater management and aquaculture, the Modular RBC improves almost every functional facet of the filtration process.

Designed with purpose

The Modular RBC is segmented into modules aligned around a central shaft.  The filtration medium is affixed to the central shaft and the system is then placed only a few inches above production tanks—reducing energy usage and expenses.   

The modularity of the system does more than just adapt to your system’s size.  It also allows for the bacteria to specialize to the progression of the water through the system and each stage in the nutrient cycle. 

This also provides for ease of installation,  the Modular RBC can be assembled by hand with the simplest of tools. 

One filter, numerous applications.

Whether it’s being put to use in an aquacultural facility or a wastewater treatment plant, the Modular RBC is the solution to any number of issues.   Not only is it easy on the budget, but it also helps your dollar go further, while still improving the filtration process.     

The Modular RBC can:

  • Adapt to any size of system, or support system expansion. 
  • Mediate wastewater facilities with overburdened lagoons. 
  • Serve as a means of treatment for separate housing systems. 
  • Expedite the biological cycle within aquaculture facilities. 
  • Reduce energy bills.